Life at Earlsgate

The Kingdom Co-Housing Community for Over 55s offers stylish age-exclusive living and brings a unique social dimension to your new home as the development includes common facilities to encourage group activities and social meetings of all residents. Private homes clustered around shared spaces offer privacy when you need it as well as a sense of belonging and community with your neighbours when you want it.

You can find out more about Co-Housing and the Co-Housing Charter here.

Earlsgate Scone also provides you with the opportunity to be actively involved in the management of your housing development, making sure you have a say on what happens where you live.

The Kingdom Co-Housing Community in Scone offers residents:

• Self-contained private apartments, as well as shared common spaces.
• Independent living within a supportive community, where residents interact with each other and take responsibility for managing elements of the development.
• Neighbourly support that can be missing in some modern housing schemes and the opportunity to provide companionship and address issues related to social isolation.

Residents at Earlsgate Scone will use some of their time to support their neighbours and help manage the Co-Housing Community through involvement with aspects of community living. Some examples of this might be:

• Mutual support and providing practical assistance to neighbouring residents
• Arranging and organising shared activities in the common facility
• Undertaking small repairs that are the tenant responsibilities
• Helping with decorating and housekeeping
• Running the finances for local budgets
• Tending the gardens and keeping the area tidy
• Running a shared car scheme

The range of services or activities will be agreed with the residents living at Earlsgate Scone. Co-Housing communities thrive on consensus decision making. All residents are encouraged to take part in decision making and everyone has an equal voice.

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Kingdom Initiatives provides Mid Market Rented Housing. A minimum/maximum income criteria applies:

  • Applicants must have a minimum household income of £17,000 per year.
  • For 1 and 2 bedroom properties the maximum household income is £36,000 per year.

Applicants will be asked to provide confirmation of their income and employment status.  We may take up written references from the applicants’ landlords, employers, former employers and bank. Where we assess that an applicant would not be able to afford MMR accommodation we reserve the right not to make a formal offer of accommodation.

Whilst MMR as a tenure has been developed with the intention of providing affordable accommodation for those in employment but unable to access other accommodation through home ownership or private rental, income does not have to be exclusively through employment and we welcome applications from all applicants whose household income meets the eligibility criteria.